Corroboree 2021/2022


Hosted By

Toyota Landcruiser Club of Queensland

30 September 2022 - Friday
1 October 2022 - Saturday
2 October 2022 - Sunday
3 October 2022 - Monday

HI all corroboree attendees!!
We are in the final stages of preparation – the weather is coming around to help support this event – we hope that one of our much awaited trip areas reopens in time for the corroboree – fingers crossed!! We do appreciate the process for reopening of National Parks and HQ Plantations areas following the heavy rainfalls that Stanthorpe has received over really the last 18 months – rest assured we have created a range of activities and trips which will keep you engaged in the Stanthorpe region!
This is the final call out to all to ensure you have checked that you have ordered all your corroboree needs including:
* catering – especially the Saturday night
* merchandise
* trips for Friday – you are welcome to email through any hardships or requests to if you have had difficulty with the website with booking on – we do appreciate and understand the difficulty some have had and we are working with 4WD Qld to ensure the website is on track
PLEASE appreciate that we have given you all ample opportunity to join in on the catering options and merchandise.
This is each participants responsibility – not necessarily your trip leader – trip leaders are assisting with updates on club attendance but you are responsible for your own orders.
Once we close the orders – please understand that we may not be able to assist with LATE orders or LATE requests…. let’s face it … you’ve had plenty of time to do your orders!!!
WHAT’S next…
* camping allocations – these have been completed – we are just going to do a final walk through in the next fortnight and confirm all locations are correct for each club.
* POWER – we will be invoicing all those that requested power by the end of August (again we just want to confirm we have the allocations correct by walking the sites to be happy)
* information about arrivals and program – a short form will come out to you all via email. The handbook will be available in your action packed CAOS recovery/corroboree bags.
We expect that all vehicles attending this event are road registered and roadworthy for the event. Insurance is recommended. Roadside assistance is recommended (consider the distance to Brisbane)
to provide you with some idea of this event:
TO DATE attending the corroboree:
* 397 adults attending
* 24 children under 12 yrs attending
* 21 4WD Qld Affiliated Clubs attending
* 234 vehicle registrations for this event
* 142 people ordering Friday night
* a MASSIVE 302 people attending SATURDAY night
* 136 people ordering Sunday night
* 173 people ordering breakfast spread over Fri/Sat/Sun
95 of you will be in corroboree shirts over the weekend
600 raffle tickets have been sold without you even knowing the prizes!! (HINT: once you hear about the prizes … you may well be purchasing more tickets!)
12 corroboree caps will be keeping the sun at bay!
15 of you will have a new camp tea towel to remember the event
Stubby coolers will be on show throughout the event!!!
a LUCKY 13 participants have jumped on the bus for a great wine bus tour for Sunday! 9 seats remaining only. This will be the only bus tour we offer and the best value @ $50 plus your tasting fee at the wineries. Many of the tours that run in the Stanthorpe region are double this or more – so it’s a great chance to have a fun day tasting but not worrying about driving.
A great shout out to all our sponsors for this event – please be sure to visit the sponsor websites to check out their products – let them know your are part of 4WD Qld and let them know your club.
Thank you all for your patience and your commitment to 4WDing. Many of you know what it is like to be in the organising seat for such an event – we are working to ensure you have a great weekend away – please be respectful of the guidelines as set out by 4WD Qld and our club as we work to deliver this event to you.