Corroboree 2021/2022


Hosted By

Toyota Landcruiser Club of Queensland

30 September 2022 - Friday
1 October 2022 - Saturday
2 October 2022 - Sunday
3 October 2022 - Monday

Please click here to view a presentation containing the latest Corroboree information including the trips that will be running during the event.

From 7pm Thursday 21 July, the Trips web page will be updated to include:

  • Full schedule of trips for Friday 30 September, Saturday 1 October and Sunday 2 October.
  • Trips for Friday 30 September will be able to be booked online at this time. Any online bookings will need to be confirmed in person when you arrive at the event.
  • Trips for 1 & 2 October will be displayed on the website, however won’t be bookable online, these trips can be booked when you arrive at the Corroboree event in Stanthorpe.