Corroboree 2021/2022


Hosted By

Toyota Landcruiser Club of Queensland

30 September 2022 - Friday
1 October 2022 - Saturday
2 October 2022 - Sunday
3 October 2022 - Monday

A number of people have expressed their increasing concern about the potential impact of COVID-19 on the Corroboree and the wider Queensland community.

As the host of the event, the TLCCQ Corroboree committee and management committee have been monitoring and discussing the situation, and taking feedback from all stakeholders, including the Stanthorpe community, and 4WD QLD. There is a strong desire from many of our volunteers, participants, 4WD Qld and the Stanthorpe community that the event should go ahead.

We all want to have a successful, safe event.

Having gathered much input, in the circumstances facing us, we must regretfully postpone the 2021 4WD QLD Corroboree.

The decision to postpone comes with immense reluctance primarily out of respect for the people travelling from far and wide to support the event, and respect for the people who have volunteered so much of their time towards event preparations.

  • If a lockdown or significant restrictions occur at any time during the next 4 weeks our event preparations would be significantly interrupted and result in the event being postponed.
  • As part of contingency planning, we had felt that if it should be necessary to postpone the event it is better to decide as early as possible, to give people as much time as possible to make new plans for the school holidays and long weekend.
  • Queensland has so far been very fortunate to avoid the situation seen in NSW and Victoria. However, if a lock down does not prevent the Corroboree, it may cause one afterwards. With over 200 families gathering from all over the state there is a risk of an unknown case arriving in Stanthorpe and then spreading significant illness back across Queensland.

There are many factors affecting our ability to run a successful, safe event including:

What next?

We propose to follow the example of the 4WD QLD 2020 Fraser Island Cleanup that was postponed to 2021, where registrations and purchases were carried over to the postponed event. Clubs arranged replacements for people not able to attend the new dates, and refunds were provided when required.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Queensland would undertake to host the Corroboree in Stanthorpe from Friday 30 September to Monday 3 October 2022.

We ask for your patience as we undertake the arrangements to postpone the event.

Please direct any enquiries to


Toyota Land Cruiser Club (QLD) Inc.

Management Committee